Piano Lessons

Lou Walinsky

Piano Lessons are available on an individual basis for children, teenagers, and adults. The lessons take place in Lou’s Mt. Airy studio in Northwest Philly.  Lessons are generally scheduled for ¾ hour or full hour sessions. Lessons and the materials for study are individually geared to meet the needs, interests, and abilities of the student. Students have the opportunity to participate in recitals that are held twice in year in rehab centers or nursing homes. Lessons generally fit into one or more of these formats:

Lessons To Play Written Music For Piano 
For children, teens, or adults learning to play piano from the very beginning or continuing at any point.  This includes people who are returning to piano after being away from it since childhood as well as students wanting to continue their studies at beginner, intermediate, or advanced levels.

Lessons To Play Blues Or Jazz Piano
For people who want to play blues or jazz tunes and to improvise. The lessons are appropriate for both experienced and inexperienced pianists, for music notation readers and nonreaders alike.

Lessons to Play Contemporary Pop Music
For people who want to learn current or recent pop tunes, either with sheet music or by ear. This format is particularly of interest to the teen set.

Lessons To Play Songs From Fake books Or Lead Sheets 
These lessons center around learning to play melodies of songs with the right hand while playing chordal accompaniment with the left hand. The resulting combination is similar to learning to sing a melody while accompanying oneself with chords played on a guitar.

Lessons To Accompany Yourself Or Others Singing 
For vocalists who want to accompany themselves on the piano or for people who play piano and want to learn accompaniment techniques for classroom or congregational singing.

Lessons For Specific Projects And Situations 
These lessons would include assistance for classical pianists with jazz oriented pieces or assistance for jazz pianists with written scores. These lessons could involve assistance with songwriting, theory, rhythm, and composition.