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Kudos to Lou’s Teaching

This is a letter of support for Lou Walinsky. Lou was my son, Jake’s piano teacher for 4 years. Jake began with Lou as a beginner, and through Lou’s teaching, Jake developed technical ability, musicianship, knowledge of music theory, and note reading ability.

Lou is the kind of teacher that inspires kids to work hard, and to have fun along the way. Jake was always eager for his next lesson, and always excited to show us what he had just learned! Lou was able to nurture Jake’s confidence and his abilities, while also helping Jake focus on those areas that needed more work. Similarly, Lou understood Jake’s love of jazz, and they often spent many lessons improvising and performing together.

Jake also plays other instruments, and Lou was always interested, supportive, and coming up with ways to integrate Jake’s interests into his piano lessons. He even came to one of Jake’s middle school jazz band concerts to hear Jake perform on vibraphone.

Lou also provided very special opportunities for his young students to perform. Jake played recitals for adults with Cerebral Palsy at a residential center in Philadelphia, giving him a chance to do a bit of community service while also having the chance to play in public.

I can only say wonderful things about Lou. He clearly has a gift working with children, and inspiring future generations of piano players. I highly recommend Lou Walinsky as a piano teacher.

Gladwynne, Pa. 

Answering a small ad on the bulletin board at the Bala Cynwyd library for a piano teacher who would work in various styles proved to be a blessing to our family.

My son Chris began studying with Lou Walinsky the summer after fifth grade. Lou is all one could ask for in a teacher. He cares about his students and understands the attention span and time limits of a busy young student. With infinite patience he worked with Chris and introduced him to many contemporary jazz piano greats, opening up a whole new world. As he matured, Chris focused on vocal performance and because of school and sports commitments he is not currently an active piano student of Lou’s, but Chris will always be one of “Lou Walinsky’s students”.

Along the way, I also began taking lessons with Lou. He even convinced this fifty-something parent to take part in one of the student recitals that he arranged at the Inglis House! His gentle method of explanation brings instant clarity to the written music. His musicianship and his love for people is transmitted easily. It is this warmth and love for music that makes Lou an exceptional teacher. I highly recommend Mr. Lou Walinsky to anyone who wishes to study piano.

Wynnewood, Pa. 

I can wholeheartedly recommend your teaching to anyone looking to learn piano, at any level. I believe my own experiences as your student are the best form of recommendation for any perspective student.

When I decided to begin my piano study I was in my 40’s with only a basic musical background (I had played a little trumpet in high school and college). My interest in taking lessons was my desire to be able to play some of the Chopin piano pieces that I had loved for many years. I’ll never forget my first conversation with Lou when I told him that my goal was to play the Chopin Nocturnes. Rather than tell me how difficult my goal was (and little did I know!), he was encouraging, although realistic about the amount of time that might take.

Once I started my studies it was clear to me what a mountain I had to climb! Lou was always very encouraging; listening carefully to my interests in the piano and trying to find different pieces and techniques to further my playing. When my interest shifted, from classical to jazz and back, Lou was always willing to work with me and find pieces that I could play. He never imposed his “program” on me but rather let me find the things I wanted to work on, and then worked with me on them.

When I finally wanted to start working on my first Chopin Prelude (the Nocturnes were just out of reach!), Lou worked steadily with me on each of the two that I was able to learn. I cannot say enough about how he constantly encouraged me while at the same time urging me to develop solid technique. Lou also has a wonderful sense of musical expression. I always enjoyed how we would work together to find the right phrasing that would make the notes into music. When I ended my studies with Lou I was very pleased with being able to play two of the Preludes (my decision to stop lessons for at least a little while was a result of changes at work).

I believe that anyone would benefit from studying with Lou, and based on my own experience, I would certainly recommend him to adult beginners. Lou understands that as adult students there are many other things in our lives, and that piano lessons and practice need to fit into them. I believe that any adult beginner would find their time with Lou both well spent and rewarding.

Chestnut Hill, Pa.